What is Matt's deal?

Matt is inherently a problem solver who wants to help people. Curious and creative to a fault, he has never been able to be confined to just one line of work or interest. Hence this website. If you have a problem (math problem, legal problem, or otherwise), Matt would like to help you solve it. If you're a person who needs some help (and who doesn't?), Matt would like to help you out.

Say "Hey" to Matt!

Always tinkering.

Matt is always tinkering with a new hobby, interest, or idea. He believes the world is an interesting and intricate place. There's too much left to discover to stop exploring anytime soon!

In the pool. On the pool deck.

Matt grew up in the pool, swimming competitively. Little did he know that it would lead to one of the true joys of his life – coaching. Every time he has stepped away from the pool, fate has always managed to land him back at the pool in a matter of time.


Relationships are what matter. If it doesn't involve people or doesn't serve others, Matt probably isn't interested. All of the most gratifying work Matt has done has involved serving others, so that's what he's looking for more of!


Matt is a firm believer that we make a lot of things in life too complicated. This leads to stress, anxiety, materialism, consumerism, and uninformed decisions. Matt is committed to discovering the simple truths in life and unlocking their power.

Cal Poly. Cal Poly again. Georgetown.

Matt went to school for a long time (BS in Mathematics from Cal Poly, Masters in Public Policy from Cal Poly, Juris Doctorate from Georgetown University). This was probably because of his broad interests and insatiable curiosity. During the course of all of his education, Matt learned to rapidly master new subjects.

Adventurer and explorer.

In his senior magazine, a friend described Matt as "one of the last true explorers in California." Matt still tries to live up to this superlative – constantly planning his next adventure in the Great State of California. He's been known to spontaneously take off on adventurers and enthusiastically accept offers of proposed explorations.

Teaching. Clear communication. Planning. Attention to details.

Through his education and many lines of work, Matt has mastered the arts of teaching and clear communication. He's also gotten plenty of experience planning and attending to details. You don't get rave reviews teaching calculus without the ability to teach and clearly communicate and you don't build successful teams without lots of planning and attention to detail!